Artificial Intelligence: Tomorrow’s future

Around us we are getting to be known about Artificial Intelligence. It’s also called MI (Machine Intelligence). AI research is defined as the study of “intelligent agents” in computer science. What do you know about AI? Will that help us? Or it is dangerous for us like what we see in the science fiction movies. So let’s talk about AI. You will also see the pros and cons about it.

Some great people created Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence
John McCarthy

John McCarthy is one of the “founding fathers” of artificial intelligence, together with Marvin Minsky, Allen Newell and Herbert A. Simon. John McCarthy created the term “Artificial Intelligence” in 1955. McCarthy was a computer and cognitive scientist. He received Turing Award for his contributions to the topic of AI.

Artificial Intelligence definition

The father of AI, John McCarthy, define that “The science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs”.

AI is cultured by studying how human brain thinks, works, learns and does solve problems. “Can a machine think and behave like humans do?” this thought make McCarthy curios.

AI has two goals.

Create expert systems.

Implement human intelligence in machines.

Artificial Intelligence
Implement human intelligence in machines.

Artificial Intelligence is authoritative to many fields and sectors like-

Gaming: AI has ultimate role in strategic games, like tic_tac_toe, chess, poker etc. They can understand the large number of possible moves or positions by the heuristic knowledge.

Vision systems: This system can understand, recognize visual input on the computer.

Doctors diagnose the patient with clinical experts.

In crime brunch computer software can recognize the criminal face among lots of input photo in the computer.

Handwriting recognition: Through this computer can recognize the shape of letters and edit it.

Speech recognition: Almost everyone uses smartphone. It is very familiar to us. Google assistant is an AI. What you will ask it will reply you with the correct answer. Google gives us opportunity to meet with AI.

Intelligence Robot: This is the most featured topics in the world now. This robot will think like human. Recently we meet with Sophia. Who gets the citizenship in Saudi Arabia. It is a historical event for us. Hanson Robotics, situated in Hong Kong made Sophia. Business Insider made up for lost time with it at Web Summit, the immense tech gathering in Lisbon. We put forth a couple of impromptu inquiries and found an assortment of solutions, running in quality from great to strange.

Artificial Intelligence
Sophia, 1st robot who gets citizenship.

Sophia is just a couple of months old. It’s a promising begin for her. It keeps running on misleadingly clever programming. That is always being prepared in the lab. So its discussions will probably get speedier. Its looks will have less blunders, and will answer progressively complex inquiries with more precision.