Poem of Jelaluddin Rumi

Jalaluddin Rumi also known as Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Balkhi. He is the thirteenth century spiritualist poet, was really a standout amongst the most enthusiastic and significant artists ever. Presently, today his quality still stays solid, due to some degree to how his words appear to dribble of the perfect, and startle a significant rememberance that connections all back to the Soul-Essence. Conceived in what is available day Afghanistan in 1207, he created his lord work the Masnawi which comprises of more than 60,000 sonnets previously he kicked the bucket in 1273. The most ideal approach to completely say in words his effect, is that he can portray the Indescribable, Ineffable- – God.

Here we are representing one of his poem.

Not Intrigued With Evening

What the material world values does

not shine the same in the truth of the soul.

You have been interested in your shadow.

Look instead directly at the sun.

What can we know by just

watching the time-and-space shapes of each other?

Someone half-awake in the night sees imaginary dangers;

The morning star rises;

The horizon grows defined;

People become friends in a moving caravan.

Night birds may think

daybreak a kind of darkness,

Because that’s all they know.

It’s a fortunate bird, who’s not intrigued with evening,

Who flies in the sun we call Shams


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